to receive free personal research help this year in Gävle Genealogy Days 2012

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We have a team of Family History Consultants from some of our best Family History Centers in Sweden ready to provide you personal free help in your research.

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Indexing Sweden

Everyone matters

We are currently working in many Swedish projects, digitazing images and preparing indexes so you can perform your search from home, for free!

Help us save our past!

A free Family Tree

Family Tree

We are preparing to launch very soon a FREE collaborative family tree where everyone can have their genealogy well presented, documented, and collaborate with others.

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Reserve Research Help

This is how it works

We will have at our booth from 4 to 6 experts at all times, ready to help you in your personal quest.

Because we have so many participants, we can only provide a 30 min. appointment with each one.

Register now to help us organize and we will notify you by email one week before the conference the exact time for your appointment.

Don't want to register or are you unsure of what to ask? No problem, just pass by our booth at any time and we will arrange an appointment on the next time available.

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Help Index Swedish Records

Everyone matters

Every person matters. Perhaps it’s this feeling that prompts millions to seek out their family history. For most of us, records of our ancestors provide a link to our past. An army of volunteers from around the world is now working to make these records available to everyone.

Using FamilySearch.org, anyone who wants to help preserve this valuable family information can easily extract it from historical records and provide free searchable indexes. All of this can be done from the convenience of our own homes.

Indexing is Simple

Everyone matters

You can help. No special skills are required. Volunteer when you have time. Just register, sign in, and follow the easy steps shown below:

  1. Select a batch of 10 to 50 records to download.
  2. Copy key information from the record to your computer.
  3. Submit the information you’ve copied back to FamilySearch.
Find out more and begin to help!

A world Family Tree

Meet FamilySearch Family Tree

The FamilySearch Family Tree is a free online family tree application that allows you to collaborate with others to build, share, manage, and preserve your family history online.

It is specially design to document each life event from many different sources including all of FamilySearch large collection.

We are currently testing it on a large scale and will soon be made available for all the world to use, but if you can't wait to see it in action, pass by our booth and we will give you a preview!

Tree Pics